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22 Weird Food Presentations That Leave Us Stupefied OMGWTF

22 Weird Food Presentations That Leave Us Stupefied OMGWTF


22 Weird Food Presentations That Leave Us Stupefied | OMG/WTF/Bizzarre/Weird | Weird food, Funny jokes, Weird

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Resources. 22 noteworthy food ...

21 People Who Noticed Something Weird and Couldn't Just Walk Past It

Surely THIS ... Rob Ford documents released, video described by police | MetaFilter

Happy Blogday to me.

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What is enough? On waste and sufficiency

5 Spiced Chocolate Krinkles Makes about 45. Adapted from The Sweet Spot, by Pichet Ong

We have heard about how healthy cottage cheese is since we were children and we still buy it in supermarkets and eat it for b… | OMG/WTF/Bizzarre/ weird ...


Abortion ...

Okay, enough waxing emotional crap. I have one more final to go and then summer vacation! I can finally read for fun again!

16 Pictures Showing That Modern Technology Makes Our Life Insanely Weird | Amazing facts | Wtf fun facts, Funny jokes, Weird


It was a very fulfilling way to cap a very busy week: watching CBC's George Stroumboulopoulous interview Cirque du Soleil's Guy Laliberte, American ...

Illustration by Paige Wickers.

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... have been great in helping me focus and stay centered and realize that everything will work out. =) (And yes, Jill, I will make a batch just for you.)

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Happy People

Before & After: Oafish attempts to downplay US State Department's extra-legal meddling and subterfuge in foreign affairs. Other attempts are covered here.


Accelerated Grimace

CANVAS: Freedom House, IRI, Soros funded Serbian color revolution college behind the Orange, Rose, Tunisian, Burmese, and Egyptian protests

16 Weird Things at Schools That Are Totally Normal in Some Places

For instance our target date of Tuesdays for THE 411 and Internet radio time on BlogTalkRadio.com. Our aim was great but twice the appointed time for a call ...

Latin Food ...

Jose Luis Conejero (right) and Manolo Gómez (center), members of the neighborhood association of Can Sant Joan, during their presentation at the I European ...

Author has written 5 stories for Ben 10, Spectacular!, X-Men: The Movie, and Criminal Minds.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

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Here is the map ...


Sin City Full Movie Free Download

Local authorities and other central civil organisations are not instrumental in the boring dystopia, they are subsumed by it, just like everybody else.

Download Bleach Season 6 English Dubbed

Crossing the ...


The "Fifth-Branch" Invasion: Click for larger image.


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It was so-so. Some good acting, some great effects (explosions!), some cool dialogs. The story was very kitschy and shallow though.


April readings

Still from Bruce Conner, Crossroads (1976) (courtesy Metrograph)


Thursday, May 8, 2008

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Download Bleach Season 6 English Dubbed


... knees bend slightly outward when you are standing straight, you might have a bow-legged shape. To fix this, you need … | Latest Inventions 2019 | Funny…

News, US Presidential ...


Im Selling All My S&P Stocks

One More For the Road

What I Learned This Week--The Imperfect Gift

In an age of unprecedented climatic, social and political change, we believe that such a project continues to be as relevant and urgent as ever.

Pages of Comments May


This is an appeal on behalf of a group of food bloggers who are friends of Briana Brownlow @ Figs With Bri.


25 Awesome Life Hacks That Look Pretty Weird at First Glance | Latest Inventions 2019 | Weird facts, How to look pretty, Fun facts

The Forever Man

Surely THIS ... Rob Ford documents released, video described by police | MetaFilter

Who runs the boring dystopia? The answer is no-one. There is no-one driving. The government are too busy to bother with little things like the ...


As for the NASCAR analogy, I take you to the great Wildebeest Migration, where millions of the creatures (by the way, they could really use some re-branding ...

Symbiosis, an expanding network of revolutionary organizers and local initiatives, is assembling a confederation of democratic community institutions across ...

Oklahoma Land Rush 1889

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Wood Wall Sculptures by Gabriel Schama

The 7 Most Frequently Faked Foods | Amazing facts | Fake food, Fun facts, Funny jokes

Thursday, May 1, 2008

... buy some food in a fast food restaurant. She tried to use body language with the staff, but the suddenly one of them realized she was brazilian, ...

More Human Than Human: Stories of Androids, Robots, and Manufactured Humanity

Tutorial Belajar Bahasa Arab Pdf Merge ...


Hillary Clinton: color revolutionary field marshal & propagandist, two current roles that defy her duties as Secretary of State in any

Franklin Williams, Blue Moment (1972)

Heck, if the price of bronze comes down I wouldn't be surprised to see a statue.

Gandhi Earth

Web and IT staffers from Montreal and Toronto were on standby with the people from TwistImage, the people who helped us develop the JFL42 technology from ...

Over the past few years, more photos have been taken in the world than in