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Oppression Violence and Why Voluntary Hijab is Irrelevant

Oppression Violence and Why Voluntary Hijab is Irrelevant


But it is the concept of the hijab, and specifically the cultural evolved machinations of the Quran that are inherently oppressive.

Claire V

But what is psychological “violence”? This is a well detailed and defined concept:

That meme comparing hijabis to nuns needs to die in a pit of fire

That meme comparing hijabis to nuns needs to die in a pit of fire

Swedish Female Swimming Chairwoman Unseated for Calling Muslim Veil ' Oppressive'

Hijabs don't define these women, merit does

A non-Muslim woman wearing a hijab, during a 2014 event in which mosques across Australia opened their doors to non-Muslims to dispel misconceptions about ...

Positive resonances of modesty and freedom promoted by hijab activists, London 2004. The protester

Different traditions of wearing the veil in Islam (photo: AP/DW)

American flag hijabs.

Muslim Women Reformers: Inspiring Voices against Oppression


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Canada's #JeSuiHijabi campaign — where women voluntarily wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslim women — has been a huge success.

A hijab without a niqab:

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Nothing reduces a woman's opportunities to integrate into public life more than a face veil, which advertises her lack of personhood.

Is Anti Zionism equal to Anti Semitism?

What you're "understanding" has already been understood and internalized and vocalized by millions of Muslim women --all you need to do is listen.

Pro-hijab Conference, London City Hall 2004.

The 'burqa ban' call only creates division

David Harkins

Outrage as Muslim Woman in Veil Seen on Swedish Town's Welcome Ad (PHOTO, VIDEO)


... days where people are told to wear hijabs out of solidarity (instead of the opposite; people taking them off in solidarity with the worst off) creates a ...

Oxford Street, 2005.

To veil or not to veil?

Image: Getty.

Large image on homepages

A Mark of Distinction

Protecting women from violence ...

Love & Hate: A Muslim community's response to a gay wedding

“Be a hijabi” sign.

Gay rights protesters objecting to the presence of Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi at the Pro-hijab

Honor Violence, Qandeel Baloch, and the Straw that Broke my Heart

Muslim Holiday NYC

Something is Wrong: Exploring the Roots of Youth Violence Edited by Mariame Kaba, J. Cyriac Mathew, and Nathan Haines Layout and Design by Caitlin Ostrow


... Islam is a part of Germany amidst their current asylum discussions; ...

The issue of the traditional Islamic garment has become increasingly contentious in Europe in recent years – within both Muslim and non-Muslim communities.


“I stand up for all oppressed and minority communities. This is what my faith teaches me to do.“

An Irishwoman on converting to Islam: 'It excited me. It wasn't anything I thought it was'

Photo taken by the author in June 2009 of young female supporters of Mussavi wearing green color hijab

The #GreatReturnMarch and the Truth Behind it

The question of the Muslim veil seems never to leave the headlines for long. If the debate is not about whether states, such as France or Belgium, ...

Im no fan of 'modesty clothing', it's a lot of things, sexist, oppressive.. but..*violence* it is not (unless violently imposed).


Source: The Sun

After Christchurch, Remember the Victims, But Resist the Urge to Blame - Quillette

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LGBTQ and Islam Revisited: The Days of the Donald

Reclaim Australia marchers in Hobart


... converts ...

Every year, we at The Pixel Project come across a wide variety of innovative and powerful campaigns tackling Violence Against Women (VAW) by our fellow ...

Graffiti on a wall along Tehran's Vali-asr Street, in protest to mandatory hijab ...

Agrandir ...

Photo ...

“Islam tells us to bow down to no one except God. So why don't we do this in our economic lives? Why give up our independence?“

Britain Burkini Protest


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Tania Joya in an earlier photograph (Courtesy)

Amany Killawy

burqa 4

Large image on homepages

Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the US- A Bid for a Nuclear Deal.

New Zealand Suspect's Actions Are Logical Conclusion of Calling Immigrants “Invaders”

#Problem: Gender based violence….staaaph!

'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude | The Spectator Australia

... proliferation of an ever-growing range of communication channels and platforms over the past half-century, the human rights issue of Violence Against ...

olent crimes by region, NSW, 2002.

smiling woman in a red hijab

″Violence against women″ training seminar in the Jordanian town of Karak (photo:

Large image for longform feature pages.

Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide by Andrea Lee Smith

shutterstock_383326258 Muslim ...