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The Worlds Worst Body Piercings OmgWeirdBizzare

The Worlds Worst Body Piercings OmgWeirdBizzare


The World's Worst Body Piercings😲 Insane or not?

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The Worlds Worst Body Piercings:...someone isn't afraid of needles.

The #World's #Worst #Body #Piercings

13 worst body modifications ever preformed


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10 Most Extreme Body Modifications | Strange & Bizarre Body Modifications - YouTube

Cranial Piercings

The World's Worst Body Piercings

7 Craziest and Strangest Body Modifications | Piercings | Tattoos | Split Tongue

Body Piercings: 12 Most Extreme Body Piercings


Most bizzarre,scariest and most weirdest body piercing ever#Hiphopheads101

While all of the piercings embedded on these people's bodies are terrible enough, I can

12 Most Bizarre Body Implants (implants body modifications, body implants, bizarre body) - ODDEE

Top 10 Strangest Guinness World Records Ever - AllTimeTop

Most Ridiculous Piercings People Got


Man Cuts Off Nose To Look Like... is listed (or ranked)

In some parts of the world, cultures and languages have melted away and history is now the only thing left to illuminate what happened in the past.

12 Bizarre Armpit Tattoos

Man reveals what sex is REALLY like with 278 penis piercings

10 Strangest Places to get Pierced


A before and after of Ethan's modifications.

Matthew Menczyk shows off the piercings

Nose Horn

... Kam Ma spent 7 hours and 55 minutes being pierced by Charlie Wilson at Sunderland Body Art in the UK. When the world's longest body piercing session was ...

The 17 worst footballer tattoos ever? Lionel Messi joins the list with bizarre tribute to his wife's lips

Bizarre Facts, Bizarre Pictures, Wtf Funny, Funny Jokes, Weird World, Body

Known for their long preserved culture, Maasai men, as well as women, see the need to ...

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Achilles Piercing... Because W... is listed (or ranked)

36 Strangest World Records Ever Set; You Won't Believe Exist - Photogallery

Strange and Unusual Taxes Thoughout History

Here's another crazy :-) that she decided to change her body by undergoing numerous surgical procedures. Some of you will remember him for ...

36 Strangest World Records Ever Set; You Won't Believe Exist - Photogallery

Top 5 Things to Know before You Get Your First Tattoo

In tribal women, neck rings are used to elongate the neck, pushing the collarbone and ...


Yelling "fire" in a crowded room won't create a stampede as furious as the one escaping an approaching performance artist. Most people would gladly choose a ...

Most body-pierced woman in the world.

These Are The Most (& Least) Painful Places To Get A Piercing

Finger Piercings and 3 More Weird and Disgusting Wedding Trends To Shock You

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7 Most Extreme Tribal Body Modifications

Corset Piercing

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Piercings

Mursi Ethiopia Omo Valley lip plate

Not exactly a surprise to see this among the weirdest beauty standards in the world. Yet another bizarre body modification regarded as a beauty standard in ...

This is called the bear big ears with the strangest earlobes of five and half inches (5.5 inches). He has the largest earlobes throughout the world.

bizarre people16 Piercings and tattoos from hell

Bizarre plastic surgery and piercings

TOP 10 Extremely Dangerous Piercings to Blow Your Mind | TATTOO WORLD

Extreme body-piercing. extreme religious traditions and festivals


9. Tooth and Ear Sharpening

Sickening noises

Man Cuts Off His Ears To Look ... is listed (or ranked)



Of the various rituals discussed thus far, perhaps the most painful and hazardous body modification is that of suspension. The practice, which has recently ...

Snow ball fights cannot really compete. Tomatoes are the new weapons of choice.

The human body is, and forever will be an amazing mystery. But sometimes, it's even more amazing to find things that don't normally belong in a human body, ...

bizarre people9 Piercings and tattoos from hell

One of the most asked-about members of the BME modification community is “Fishmaul” (”Fishmouth”) or “Zygzag”, who is said to wear massive plugs in ...

9The New Craze

36 Strangest World Records Ever Set; You Won't Believe Exist

I'm pretty sure those are pretzels inside his nose piercings.


Photo of The Exotic Body - Sacramento, CA, United States. Crooked piercing.

The 17 worst footballer tattoos ever? Lionel Messi joins the list with bizarre tribute to his wife's lips - Mirror Online

Double Muscle Mutation

4 weird body modifications all over the world

40 Bizarre & Unusual Earrings that make you feel wanted


11 of the most bizarre foreign objects found up people's backsides

Disposable coffee cup in the air over pink background

The world's first (and last?) “digital music eyewear,” Oakley Thump was originally released at the height of MP3-mania in 2004, starting at $395 for a 128MB ...

7 winners and 2 losers from this year's weird Golden Globes